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Juice Box and neighbors

We spent time with some neighbors today which was really nice because we have been stuck in the house for three days now being sick. She has a 2 year old son and she said she didn't mind us being over sick because they were sick too. So GREAT! We went over and played with Jacob and more importantly Maisi and I got to hang out and drink coffee and she help Ben most of the time! On our way there I told Sofie we were going to play with Jacob and she kept saying "its not Brady, its Jacob" "Its not Katie its Kaylee" over and over. It was so funny but I think she was saying it because when we met them we were all outside in the snow and she thought they were Brady and Katie and kept saying "no thats not Brady and Katie, I am not sure who that is but its not Brady and Katie" everyone looks the same in snowsuits. But we ended up playing with them and having a great time. Yay for new mom friends!

When we got back Sofie asked for a juice box and I said no because she already had TWO today. I put them on a shelf where she can grab them when she wants them and that might have been a mistake because she wants them ALL the time. Anyway she gave me one and asked me to open it even after I said no and I still said no. Well she has seen me open them a number of times, rip open the plastic on the straw with your teeth and then spear it through the foil. So thats exactly what she did. I told her thats it I will never open another one for her again since she can clearly do it herself!

Heather and the terrible very horrible awful bad day

Yesterday was a TERRIBLE day. Sunday was perfect yesterday was just awful. I won't post the details as to protect the innocent in future years. BUT BOTH kids were super whiney all day. Ben wanted to eat every 2 hours. Sofie was sick and when she sneezed well, it wasn't pretty and she was sneezing like 75 times and hour. She asked to go to bed early, so I put her in bed before lunch. Then I fed Ben and tried to put him down while Sofie just played in her crib. Finally after an hour or so I got Ben to sleep. I put Ben in the swing asleep but not buckled in b/c he is 3 months old and asleep. THEN I run upstairs to get Sofie and tell her to come eat lunch since she is just playing and not sleeping and lets just say that she learned how to take off her diaper by herself. SO I take her out of the crib and am taking out all of the sheets when I hear screaming downstairs, I run to get Ben and well I won't ever not buckle him into the swing every again. I run back up to get Sofie, get all the stuff out of the crib, give her lunch and then put her down for a nap and Ben down for a nap. Then I go down for a nap - I wake up 10 minutes later to Ben crying and Sofie playing. Sofie and Ben never do take a nap, I feed Ben again and put him down to play, get Sofie up and give her a snack and then we all go outside for a walk in the FREEZING cold just to get out of the house for one minute. After an hour I try to get the kids back in but of course Sofie throws a tantrum because she doesn't want to go inside even though it is like 14 outside - she has been making snow angles and she starts screaming more snow angles more snow angels - like an hour of making snow angels in 14 degree weather is not enough. So I get her inside and she continues to cry probably because she never napped then Ben starts crying and I feed him and let him and Sofie play in the basement while I get dinner ready. As soon as dinner is over I try to get the kids in a bath and down for the night since they didn't really nap. Well then the crying starts from both kids and didn't stop until Erich finally decided to show up around 730. Then he put Sofie down while I took care of Ben and that was the end of the terrible horrible very bad day. WHEW

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Perfect Winter Day

March 1 2009

Today we hung out at home. It was cold and the cousins were sick so we decided to have a pajama day. It was such a perfect day being freezing outside and I was cooking and Erich and Sofie were playing and the radio was playing great music and it was sunny. It was exactly how I imagined having kids and a family would be. Basically it was a picture perfect day - but those are few and far between! So I captured it on film as much as possible. I even caught Ben laughing on film. Now let's see how tomorrow goes :).

Ben Laughing Video

I caught Ben laughing on camera today - he is very ticklish under his chin! His laugh makes me laugh - Sofie is watching Sesame Steet in the background and saying "Its Sunffy!"

Sofie Gets Turtle Video

Sofie opening her turtle from Una - she is wanting to watch it over and over and is running around the house saying "Thank you Una Bye Bye!"

New Pictures From Feb 27 Here!

New Album 2/27/09 12:49 PM

Pictures of Sofie looking at Una's homemade birthday card and opening Una's turtle gift.

New Pictures From Feb 26 Here!

Feb 26 2009

This is from our day on February 26th. If you click the photo above it will take you to our photos from that day and I captioned them sort of like a blog - I call it my photo blog. Essentially it is just pictures of a day in the life of the Keppler Crew zoo. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do. Sofie is just getting cuter and funnier every day and I felt I needed a way to capture it! Any feedback is always welcome :).