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Sofie preparing for Uncle Johnny's wedding by marrying off Pooh. Goofy is the minister, Eeyore the bridesmaid, bear the groomsman, rainbow is the flower girl and everyone else is watching

First Day of Preschool! (he picked out his own outfit)

I tried to get Ben to wear a nice shirt but he insisted on wearing this one which is too small by the way. You pick your battles right? But then as I dropped him off I was hugging and squeezing him and he just shrugged me off like he was so annoyed with me! He wouldn't even sit still for a picture! This is the best I could get. He had zero tears, just super excited to go to school. When I picked him up he flew at me with open arms and screamed "mommy I had so much fun!". I'm so proud of him but a little sad too. I missed my little guy! Thus begins a new adventure for little Ben :).