Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Laughing Ben

Oh I did want to write a quick post to redeem Ben.  I will say that when he is not eating or screaming or sleeping he is very smiley and laughy.  Today I was nibbling his ear and he was cracking up.  It is SO cute to hear his little laugh.  He is still super adorable even though he is tough right now :)  

Take a Sip

Sofie says things every day that amaze us - today while we were eating dinner she kept spitting out her food when she wanted to take a drink.  Nothing makes me angrier than when she spits out her food because she decides she wants something else!!  So I told her if she did it again I would take away her juice.  Well, she did it again so I took away her juice.  Sofie started to cry and said "I want to take a sip, I want to take a sip" hahaha.  Erich and I could not stop from laughing out loud which made her laugh as well as say it again over and over.

After that I let her try some spicy rice that we were eating, Sofie spit it out and said "it's hot! Sofie can't try it".  haha I don't know where she comes up with some of these phrases.  We also went to Mommy and Me today where Ben screamed the whole time and in front of the entire class Sofie said "awww little buddy, whats wrong little buddy?  you ok?" and that is actually from me, but its still funny to hear this little not yet 2 year old say it.  

Tonight in the bath Sofie spelled her name for the first time.  I decided to try and ask her if she knew how because I spoke with Hannah today and she told me that Una knows how to spell her name.  Well Sofie totally knew how to do it!  She only misses the F, so she says "S - oo - SOFIE!" so I said no no and she said "S-O" then I said F and she said "I-E - Sofie!!!".  Too funny.  She is even cute when she won't go to sleep as she didn't go to sleep for an hour tonight because she was singing "happy birthday to herself"  silly girl.  She keeps us laughing which we need right now because Ben sure is doing alot of screaming!

New Blog and returning from Texas

Hi everyone!

Welcome to my new blog!  I am going to do my best to keep this updated but it is hard with two kids to get much of anything done.  :).  Sofie is getting more grown up and cuter by the day I can hardly even keep up with her.  Ben is still in the newborn phase which means I am not getting much sleep and I am still not eating dairy.  I am going to start with our return from Texas yesterday and try to catch up on our trip and the time since Ben was born.  I will also do my best to import the original blog over to here too.  I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I am!

Yesterday we returned home from Texas.  The flight was great, but I was glad that Erich was with me this time.  I went by myself with the kids on the way there and they both slept the entire trip.  I mean from take off to landing and they did not wake up until the plane hit the gate.  On the way back Sofie woke up about half way through the flight.  We tried to get her to watch her DVD player but she was mostly interested in talking to the people behind her.  She turned around and stood up and said "hi people!! how you today??"  Then she proceeded to chat their ear off asking them "what are you doing back there?" and other silly questions. I tried to get her to turn around but she was so excited to talk to them and they didn't seem to mind so I let her chat away.

The best was when we landed and got off the plane and out into the waiting area she shouted at the top of her lungs "WE DID IT!!!!!!"  She had a huge smile and was clapping her hands.  The entire airport within earshot was cracking up.  She is so cute!  Ben did a good job too - he mostly ate and slept but at least we wasn't screaming - he saved all of his screaming for today :).