Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Daily Events and Racial Comments

So Sofie and I went to the grocery store yesterday - the check out man was black and Sofie yelled at the top of her two year old lungs "HE'S BROWN MOMMY! HE'S BROWN AND YOU'RE PINK! YOU'RE PINK MOMMY!" Yes thank you Sofie, thank you yes that is right. Luckily they guy just laughed and gave her a cookie - but seriously! Sigh, the dangers of having an early talker :).

Yesterday we played with Nadia and Phin in the morning. I like playing with them because Nadia and Phin are also in the 10th percentile for weight :). It's nice to be around other skinny kids :). Today we went to Mommy and Me and had a great time. Sofie is really starting to enjoy the class - however she doesn't seem to really gel with the other kids. She is so outgoing and social every where else, but there, she just clings to me, I am not sure why.

We went to the cousins after that and Sofie just loves going there. She ate a taco for lunch and that is something totally new for her!

We came home, both kids napped while I made homemade Pesto and when they woke up we joined Pam and JJ and Ellie for playing in the sand. The pesto was great and Sofie actually enjoyed eating green noodles - YES! :)

Nothing exciting today but I did have an overwhelming feeling today that I just have the best, nicest, cutest most adorable kids ever. Erich isn't really around much these days because he is working so much and I was telling Carolyn I think that it would be way harder except for the fact that my kids are so good that they make it easy. :)

Sofie was so excited to take a bath with Ben, she bathed him and while I was getting everything ready for bedtime she was reading to him. She even gave him a big hug and said, I love you baby brother. He gives her the biggest smiles when she talks to him. They really love each other right now, I so pray that it stays that way and that they don't grow to dislike each other.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Slacker mom finally updating the blog

Ok so I have been a slacker with this blog but I am going to try and be better! We have been having a great time, we travelled to Kentucky, to the river house, to Philly and now are home. Sofie gets cuter and cuter and smarter and smarter every single day. She now talks as well as a four year old and in fact many people think thats how old she is!! She has memorized every single Mother Goose rhymes, and she just says the funniest things. Some of her quotes that I have just missed writing about I will try to remember now...

She asks full questions now like.. "Can Sofie have some fruit snacks" and she asks it in so cute of a way that it takes all my strength to say no when she is asking me that question at 8am!!! She sings the "Old Grey Mare she ain't was she used to be" and we can hear her through the monitor and she sings the whole song kind of quiet and then when she gets to "MANY LONG YEARS AGO MANY LONG YEARS AGO" she shouts it at the top of her lungs. We were in tears we were laughing so hard.

She wants to EVERYTHING herself, "It's Sofie's turn!!" or "Sofie's wants to do it by myself!" And she is sooo sweet to Ben, as he grows and becomes more alert she loves him more and more. Right now every time he sees her or she looks at him he just gives her the BIGGEST smile which makes her laugh every time. She gets just as excited about all of his milestones as we do. She will shout "HE'S GRABBING MOMMY HE'S GRABBING!" or "HE'S LAUGHING!!!" or "HE ROLLED OVER!! YAY BEN!" she is so sweet how she claps for him and get so excited for him and loves him :).

Ben is just becoming a person more and more every day. He rolls over both directions now. I left him in Sofie's room on her rug on his back while I was doing laundry and I walked back into her room with clothes to put away and he was on his tummy!! I was like WOW!! Great job Ben!!!! Then yesterday we went out to dinner and at dinner he decided to start going "BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH" at the top of his lungs. It was hilarious, the whole place was laughing at him. Sofie likes to tell us what he is saying when he babbles. She will says "He said OINK!" "He said MA!" I will say he said that and she goes "YA!!!"

In Kentucky we had a great time with Una. Sofie really likes Una and still talks about her. We went to a party with Hanna and Una's friends, we saw horses at the racetrack and we played in the sand box and went to the park and the bakery. We could not have had a nicer time. Hannah and Sean are so great too, it was so nice to spend time with them especially Hannah she is definitely the mom I relate to the most and who makes me feel the best when I am down!!

The country house was a great visit too, it was so nice just to hang out with the kids and Uncle Rees and relax, we went out on the canoe and played along the yard and played on the deck. Sofie had a blast, she loved the country and so did Barth. We are going to have to go there often!

We then went to Philly to visit Kelly and Jack and Thomas. Sofie kept pointing to Thomas and saying "that's not Josh, its Thomas" Josh is Robin's son. They are the same age it was pretty funny.

Coming back this weekend we took Sofie to her first carnival which she loved, she wasn't allowed to ride on much but she rode the carrousel, the train, she went fishing and won a penguin - it was great. Oh and she had her first snowcone. She loved that too. All she did was talk about the carnival after that. Today for mother's day dad made us all breakfast, then we walked to the farmer's market where Sofie ate every sample there was. There were alpaca's at the farmer's market that Sofie loved to pet, and we saw a small turtle, a caterpillar, and baby geese. It was so great it was like there was a zoo at Cameron Station today. Then we went to the cousins house and Sofie always loves that :).

I know I didn't catch up as much as I wanted to, Sofie and Ben have done so many cute things I wish I would have been writing it down. I will try to do better!