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Fwd: The weekend according to Ben....

This picture is the lunch is where Ben held court over Taj, Hayden and James and regaled them with stories from NYC.  My favorites were ...

1.  That there were a hundred thousand maybe even a google of taxi cabs in NYC and that he got to ride in them and that his cousin Lomie knows how to do the credit card swipe to pay for them.

2.  That we went sledding and that at the bottom of the hill are these benches that you can slam into and die and that his cousin Josh saved someones life and then broke his arm.

3.  That his daddy is the only daddy that knows how to make Chicago style snow balls (Megan interrupted at this point and said Chicago style hot dogs? Ben said no Chicago style snow balls) and that we got into the best snow ball fight ever and that he and his dad won because of the Chicago style snow balls.

The weekend according to Ben...


Fwd: Backpack

Sofie's message to Jack found in Jack's backpack

I found this is Jacks cute that Sofie!

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