Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Take a Sip

Sofie says things every day that amaze us - today while we were eating dinner she kept spitting out her food when she wanted to take a drink.  Nothing makes me angrier than when she spits out her food because she decides she wants something else!!  So I told her if she did it again I would take away her juice.  Well, she did it again so I took away her juice.  Sofie started to cry and said "I want to take a sip, I want to take a sip" hahaha.  Erich and I could not stop from laughing out loud which made her laugh as well as say it again over and over.

After that I let her try some spicy rice that we were eating, Sofie spit it out and said "it's hot! Sofie can't try it".  haha I don't know where she comes up with some of these phrases.  We also went to Mommy and Me today where Ben screamed the whole time and in front of the entire class Sofie said "awww little buddy, whats wrong little buddy?  you ok?" and that is actually from me, but its still funny to hear this little not yet 2 year old say it.  

Tonight in the bath Sofie spelled her name for the first time.  I decided to try and ask her if she knew how because I spoke with Hannah today and she told me that Una knows how to spell her name.  Well Sofie totally knew how to do it!  She only misses the F, so she says "S - oo - SOFIE!" so I said no no and she said "S-O" then I said F and she said "I-E - Sofie!!!".  Too funny.  She is even cute when she won't go to sleep as she didn't go to sleep for an hour tonight because she was singing "happy birthday to herself"  silly girl.  She keeps us laughing which we need right now because Ben sure is doing alot of screaming!

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